Department of International Relations

Department of International Relations
and European Integration (DIREI)

International cooperation of the Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture (KNUCEA) is carried out in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, the Charter of KNUCEA, the Concept and strategy of the University internationalization and the normative base in the indicated direction. Organizational, methodological and representative support of the KNUCEA international cooperation is carried out by the Department of International Relations and European Integration (DIREI).

The department has developed a strategy, plan of actions and measures aimed at further development of the internationalization of higher education, namely, the expansion of bilateral and multilateral relations and contacts between educational institutions of different countries and  KNUCEA on the basis of equal and mutually beneficial cooperation in order to increase the efficiency of educational and scientific and research work, introduction of world standards, internationalization of training courses, participation in international research, grant programs and intercultural communication, development of international academic mobility of professors, postgraduates, students,  and administrative staff. The main goal of the above-mentioned processes is to increase the international reputation, attractiveness, competitiveness of KNUCEA and dissemination of information about the University both in Ukraine and the world’s educational space.

Our University has vast experience in international cooperation and developed net that provides confidence in resolving issues of internationalization of academic and research activities and strengthening of its competitiveness among Ukrainian HEIs. The high level of international reputation of the University is confirmed by sustainable scientific and educational relations with leading universities and scientific-practical organizations of Austria, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Greece, Israel, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, France, Croatia. More than 36 agreements are being implemented. International cooperation with European universities is carried out within the framework of bilateral agreements on research and methodological exchange. The presentation of the activities is widely covered in the press, on the website and in international forums, exhibitions, conferences, symposia.

TEMPUS projects

Based on the experience of the preceding years of participation in 8 grant projects, KNUCEA became the initiator, author of the project applications, which in recent years has enabled fruitful cooperation in the framework of 4 international grant projects under the programs of EACEA Tempus and Erasmus Mundus. Namely:

SEHUD project “Architecture and Sustainable Urban Development Based on Eco-Humanistic Principles & Advanced Technologies without Losing Identity” within European educational Tempus program.

A unique modern training course for Master, PhD & LLL students in urban development (UD) was developed within the project. The training course on sustainable urban development consists of 32 course units in English, Ukrainian & Russian languages and combines the experience and expertise of the leading experts from Ukraine, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria and Italy with the innovative educational technologies. An innovative e-platform was created on the basis of MOODLE for implementing distance e-learning. Innovative educational and methodological complexes and e-courses developed within the framework of the project were implemented in the university’s educational process which greatly increased the quality of education. 25 students of the Faculty of Architecture received international certificates after undergoing a pilot training in the framework of the course and 63 students, postgraduates, and lecturers of KNUCEA received certificates of advanced training and participated in international conferences, trainings, seminars).

Зустріч експертів в Мерії
м. Кембридж, Велика Британія

Конференція в Технологічному університеті
м. Афіни

Координаційна зустріч

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Learning and training materials are on the e-platform
(access is possible after registration)

SEHSI project “Regional sustainable development on the basis of eco-human synergetic interaction (multidisciplinary training course for MSc, PhD and LLL students in engineering)” within European TEMPUS program

Regional sustainable development multidisciplinary training course for MSc, PhD and LLL students in engineering was developed within the project and includes 32 course units in English & Ukrainian/Russian. It was developed on the basis of competence profile of an expert in the field of regional development which is an important factor under the conditions of continuous economic, social and technological changes. The course is aimed at cognitive and personality development of a so called “agent of changes” in the field of sustainable regional development on the basis of their eco-humanistic knowledge, eco-humanistic thinking, eco-humanistic behavior. The training package includes course units, author lectures and Power Point presentations. The training complex is successfully tested and refined, based on the results of the evaluation of educational materials by students, lecturers and independent experts. Also, within the framework of the project, there has been created a self-developing OMNI BASE database which is a continuously updated electronic library.

Координатори проекту TEMPUS-SEHSI

Місто Валенсія, Іспанія. Команда експертів міжнародної
студентської школи в рамках проекту TEMPUS-SEHSI

20 students of the Faculty of Architecture received international certificates after undergoing a pilot training as a part of the innovative training course. 78 students, postgraduates, lecturers and scientists of KNUCEA received certificates of participation in international conferences, seminars, trainings and student summer schools.

Місто Спліт, Хорватія. Міжнародна студентська
літня школа в рамках проекту TEMPUS-SEHSI

Команда ХНУБА. Міжнародна літня школа.
Університет м. Спліт, Хорватія

Університет м. Любляна, Словенія.
Робота міжнародних студентських команд
під керівництвом експертів.

Університет м. Спліт, Хорватія.
Робота міжнародних команд.

Університет м. Любляна.
Робоча зустріч експертів і тьюторів міжнародних студентських команд.

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Learning and training materials are on the e-platform
(access is possible after registration)

SUCSID Project “Creating a Network of Inter-university Start-up Centres for Students’ Innovations Development & Promotion” within European TEMPUS program (№ 530349- TEMPUS-1-2012-FRTEMPUSJPHES)

An innovative training course on business skills development, business planning and leadership (5 study guides in English, Ukrainian and Russian) was created by an international consortium within the project. The course focuses on developing engineering students’ entrepreneurial skills as a means for implementing innovative ideas aimed at interaction between innovative technologies developed at universities and the business sector of the economy. Students have an opportunity to apply the acquired business skills in the development of team projects and in business games held by KNUCEA Start-up Center “New Development”.

27 students were trained at this center and gained business knowledge. Within the framework of the project, student groups prepared 6 business projects that were submitted to the international jury and passed several crash tests where experienced entrepreneurs and lecturers provided practical guidance on how to make each project viable in the world of real business.

Зустріч експертів в Університеті менеджменту і бізнесу,
м. Лісабон, Португалія


Студентські семінари

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Learning and training materials are on the e-platform
(access is possible after registration)

INFINITY project « INternational Fellowship IN transdisciplinarITY: Agricultural Sector’s Sustainable Development in the Urban Environment» within Erasmus Mundus mobility program (№ 545681-EM-1-2013-1-PTERAMUNDUSEMA21)

The project is aimed at improving the quality of education for students, postgraduates and doctoral students by providing academic mobility with individual European grants in the leading partner universities of Portugal, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Slovenia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Belarus. The project also focuses on sharing the experience, knowledge, professional and practical skills to ensure a high standard of living, environmental protection and sustainable development of the partner countries.

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ERASMUS+ projects

ERASMUS+ КА1 projects – Academic and Credit Mobility.

KNUCEA won EACEA contest and became a member of 3 new academic mobility projects within Erasmus + KA1 program in cooperation with the Buckinghamshire New University (UK) and the Technological Institute of Athens – University of West Attica (Greece). The main objective of these projects is the internationalization and modernization of Ukrainian universities for their further development. The specific goal of the project is to enhance the professional development of the university staff involved in the advancement of innovations.

Бакінгемширський Новий Університет,
Велика Британія. Координаційна зустріч.

Проект ERASMUS+КА1.Тренінг лекторів.
Бакінгемшир, Велика Британія.

Бакінгемширський Новий Університет.
Проведення семінарів для британських студентів

Cooperation project with Cambridge Assessment English. 

The university also takes part in the project on the development of language competence at B2 level (FCE) in cooperation with Cambridge Assessment English, Cambridge University, King’s College (Cambridge, UK) and the National Representative of Cambridge Assessment English (Kyiv, Ukraine). In September 2018, KNUCEA received the status of an official preparation center granted by the official representative of the center. Students, postgraduates and university lecturers have an opportunity to improve their knowledge of the English language and pass the official Cambridge exam FCE in the walls of their Alma Mater.

Вручення сертифікатів В2
студентам ХНУБА

King’s College

Зустріч розробників
навчального курсу в Кембриджі

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